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[EDIT] I changed the title from "When MRA's Attack!" to the current title, since the current one sounded more fitting.

I was on youtube the other day, and found a tasty bit of troll bait. Read on if you are curious as to how an idiotic, homophobic MGTOW gets #rekt. Everything in [brackets] is commentary post-convo, for clarification. My on-screen name is Syd Derp. Feel free to find me on google plus, I never use it. Everyone is going to be anonymous so that bullying doesn't happen.

This is the video I commented on:
Rejected Comedian’s Nasty Texts Become Public

(Me, original comment)
He could be any flavor, but he chose to be salty.

(some guy)
+Syd Derp Bruh lol

(some dude)
+Syd Derp No laughs at the laugh factory that night *air horn*

(some funny dude)
+Syd Derp The Dead Sea is the saltiest place on earth... next to his bitch ass.

(some girl)

(some person)
tightey whitey for sure

+Syd Derp Being salty is not a crime. Chicks reject me and I instantly call them lesbos. Natural reaction. Haha. What about chicks that reject dudes before they even ask them out or are even interested in them. Like ur at a club and walk past a chick accidentally nudge her and she like confronts u buy saying "NO, JUST NO!". Im like sus bitches be feeling left out when they have no one to reject.

(sane person)
+(douchebag) "Natural reaction"? Uh, you're a douchebag.

(sane woman) 
+Syd Derp and vinegar. :D

+(douchebag) Whew, good thing I'm lesbian. I don't have to deal with your punk ass.
[disclaimer, I'm not. I just wanted to see where this went. Spoiler: it went directly MRA hell.]

(sane woman)
same here hun :D
Newly married and so happy :D
[this woman's comments were flagged as spam by the salty douchebag. He also upvoted himself every time]

+(me) I feel like most rug munchers arent lesbos by choice but because of lack of other options. What women would willingly choose 2 fingers over a dick?

(sane woman)
as a rug muncher myself I can tell you it's not a choice. I had a bf when I was 15 and we had sex but I just didn't feel anything for him but when I met my wife it was like fireworks.

(sane person)
Women who can't stand people like you.

+(douchebag) I'd take a life of abstinence over having to date a dick like you. Also, two words? Strap on.

(sane woman)
mmmmm strap on :D

+(me) I think it's the other way around. Your bitchy attitude is the reason no normal man wants you, possibly also ur face and body. The only guys uv probs been with are losers IF any one.

(sane woman)
so your saying you dated her then?  Because the only loser I see between the 2 of you is you.  And don't upvote yourself that's really tacky

+(douchebag) Making a lot of assumptions there, buddy. Methinks thou dost protest too much.

+Syd Derp What the fuck is "dost"??? The fact of the matter is anyone can react to any situation anyway they want. We dont all have to prescribe to Ana Kasparian's moral etiquette based on her understanding and her moral compass otherwise we would be robots not people. This comic decided handle her rejection by lashing back at her with some mean comments. He's just a product of his surroundings and the way he's been treated. Thats the spice of life and what makes society interesting. You and Ana and Cenk think everyone should react the way you would react which I could probably predict for almost any situation and it would be boring as fuck.
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(sane person)
+(douchebag) My god, you are so dumb.

+(douchebag) I'm not saying you should act exactly like me, I'm just saying you should at least finish middle school.
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Oh, no problem ^^ I really like your stuff. I'm just about the most atheist person in my family, and half o them are probably at least a 5 on the Dawkins scale. I'm a 6, and even if there was a god, I wouldn't want anything to do with them. They let too much bad shit happen, thus they don't deserve my time or energy. If someone doesn't give a shit about me, I don't give a shit about them. Actually, this is kind of a recurring theme in my fanfics, since I write a lot of stuff about fantasy settings where there are gods, but they still seem to be assholes. Sorry about the tl;dr, but I think we could have some intelligent discussions. You're lucky you live in Germany, where people are more tolerant of people like us. I live in the U.S., and I swear if things keep going downhill, I'm stowing away on a boat to Japan, I'll pick up the language when I get there. Second-highest rate of Atheism in the world. 75% none-of-the-above's, 31% Atheist, and the few religious types are mostly Shinto, which is a fascinating mythology, or Buddhist, which is a distinctly innocuous one. /end essay, sorry.
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