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Mr. Game and Watch *does* talk, they just had to keep the rating E10+.
I am sick of people's feet showing up on my watch feed.
dA, please remove the "literature" tag from the side of written deviations. Most of it is shitty fanfiction or helpful hints on how not to write shitty fanfiction. Only about half of it could actually be considered "literature."
I promise I'm not dead. More stuff headed dA-wards soonish!

Omegle strikes again.


Stranger: hi

You: asl?

Stranger: 16 m

You: 18 f

You: whatchu up to

Stranger: lieing in bed wbu

You: eating cake

Stranger: oh ahah wasnt expecting that is it yummy?

You: yesh

You: what were you expecting

You: something along the lines of "playing with my titties"?

You: they're on holiday as of now.

Stranger: im not even sure what i was expecting & well that would of been nice

You: they like to play hopstocth while I'm sleeping

You: it's bloody annoyng

Stranger: what they big or sumet lol

You: they think they are, but they're not

Stranger: i reckon they are huge

You: they're always barking at bigger boobs like they're gonna fight or something

You: but the second the other ones make a move they hide right back in my shirt

You: the girls have a mind of their own, I'll tell ya.

Stranger: can we stop talking about your tits please its making me think about tits and that

You: they're on holidya, like I said

You: *holiday

You: probably geting shitfaced somewhere in holland

Stranger: im confused 😂

You: you know holland, right?

Stranger: i know holland

You: they've got a bit of a skyfoogle problem, I hear

You: only real way to get rid of em is a nice old fashioned bag of plums

You: or toenails, if you're really desperate

Stranger: i have not a clue what your on about

You: plums and such

Stranger: but im quite enjoying your company tbh

You: thanks

You: have you ever kissed a cat? :3

Stranger: no 😂

You: have you ever seen a cat?

Stranger: i have

You: have you ever been mauled by a purple cat in a fancy striped suit with a singing fork?

Stranger: no i haven't, have you ever been mauled by a massive cock

You: no

Stranger: surprisingly

You: a load of hens, maybe, but no

Stranger: thought you might have

You: what species are you?

You: just wondering

Stranger: big cock thats what I am

You: well, that's not going to work. I'm a cat, I eat birds

You: and sweet rolls, but that's beside the point

Stranger: well your just gunna have to

Stranger: eat cock

Stranger: im afraid

You: I do enjoy some chicken nuggets

Stranger: well then its fine

You: they're made of good quality giblets where Im from

Stranger: can i ask you a question ?

You: did you know that if smeone were to bite off your dick while it was hard you wold die?

You: what's the question?

You: :D

Stranger: have you got mental problemsm

Stranger: ?

You: is this relevant?

You: and yes, yes I have.

Stranger: just you sound very crazy


You: I can't imagine why you would say that :D

Stranger: i dont know why

You: because potato

Stranger: are you going to get horny with me or not thats the only reason im here

You: I'm a cat, not a goat.

You: I don't have horns

You: are you a goat?

Stranger: just fuck you 😂

You: no thank you

You: do you know what cats like to play with?

Stranger: What m


Stranger: come play with my.balls

You: are thye ping pong balls

You: or tennis balls

Stranger: no big hairy bollockz

You: or calvinballs

You: this escelated quickly

You: wait a minute

Stranger: what

You: are you from albuqurque

Stranger: no why

You: because once i took a wrong turn there and nothing was ever the same

Stranger: what 😢

You: :D

You: and my mum fed me a big bowl of sauerkraut every single morning

You: it was driving me crazy

Stranger: cock.

You: no

You: too many feathers

Stranger: just suck it bitch

You: I'm a cat, not a dog

You: oh, I see

Stranger: well let me fuch a pussy cat then

You: you're talkig about your PINGAS


You: da na nanana nananaaaaaaa~!

You: I like cereal

Stranger has disconnected.

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Welcome to THE JUNGLE! my dA page, home of fucktons upon fucktons of fanart, a rather unhealthy dose of anger issues, unmedicated Aspergian shenanigans, and the 'shipping-free zone! Here, you will find my obsession with not having a life as expressed through drawing and writing and not giving a fuck. My fandoms include, but are not limited to, Nintendo games of almost any variety (Particularly Pokemon, Legend of Zelda, Fire Emblem, Earthbound, and most anything having to do with Smash Bros. Crossovers FTW!), Doctor Who, Sherlock, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, the Elder Scrolls, Brutal Legend, Minecraft, and at one point, the Yogscast. I would describe myself as witty, intelligent, creative, skilled, and somewhat egotistical. Most other people omit the first four traits. Nonetheless, enjoy yourself as you wander through the labyrinthine, nightmarish, cheese-scented halls of my silly-yet-horribly-sadistic imagination, or if you don't want to to that, just admire my art and try to get that image out of your head. Just mind the blood either way ;D

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